Dog Handlers

Relief guarding Dog handler units provide a highly skilled addition to the security of high risk and vulnerable sites. They can provide greater flexibility than two uniformed security officers and they have an acute ability to detect intruders. Professionally trained dog units are a proven, effective deterrent. Security provides security dog where security officers may be at risk. Our all dog handler is well trained and to be safe with members of the public. Patrol dogs are generally use for guarding house, retail, park etc. As you know our dog handler with trained dog, will resolve most, but not all situation where a security guard maybe effective. We offer trained manned guard services, with or without guard dogs, for the protection of your premises, empty property or assets.

 Our dog handler and SIA security officers, all are specialised experience in their field. Our security guards’ dogs and handlers are highly trained to protect your premises, property from theft, burglary, and unauthorised presence.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market starting from £11.50 per hour

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